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3 Reasons to Choose a Career in Healthcare Management

Your role in healthcare management is to ensure a medical facility is running smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, healthcare managers safeguard the quality of care patients receive.

A career in healthcare management is a highly sought after healthcare position. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare management is expected to increase by 18% between 2018 and 2028. If you are currently working in the medical field and want to want make decisions that can improve the quality of healthcare patients receive, then healthcare management is the career for you. Here are 3 reasons to choose a career in healthcare management.

Career Advancement Opportunities

A great way to start pursuing a career in healthcare management is to gain on the job medical experience. This can help individuals who want to transition into a management position because they will have a basic understanding of healthcare policies and regulations.

For example; a medical assistant can obtain a degree in healthcare management and work at his or her facility as a healthcare manager. Pursing a higher degree in healthcare management can increase your earning potential and open the door to possible career developments.

The benefits of joining the healthcare management team include a variety of probable career advancements. Depending on the facility you choose to work at or your level of education, you may have the option to advance to any one of these positions:

  • Community Health Educator
  • Insurance Underwriter
  • Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)
  • Community Service Manager

You can make a difference at your workplace

Being a part of the healthcare management team means you make decisions that directly affect patients and employees. Making a difference can mean helping patients receive the best quality healthcare, ensuring your employees are adequately staffed and informed, improving certain practices and procedures, etc.

Healthcare managers play a vital role in retaining safe, efficient, and cost effective practices in clinics, hospitals, and other health facilities. As a healthcare manager you will be educated in human resources, billing systems, familiarity with business documents, health procedures and policies, along with leadership skills.

You will work together with your fellow allied health towards a common goal. Better healthcare procedures, policies, and practices means better lives for you, employees, and patients. Healthcare managers are the heart behind a health facility. They work behind the scenes tirelessly to ensure proper functioning of a medical practice. Without healthcare managers, a facility cannot guarantee patients are getting the highest degree of healthcare.

Competitive Salaries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual medial wage in California is around $116,080. The state of California offers the highest paid annual wage for healthcare managers. The top ten percent reported earning around $200,000 annually.

California’s wages are considerably higher than the national average. Needless to say, healthcare management is a very fulfilling and lucrative career. Pay can vary depending on education, experience, and the state you live in.

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