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5 Best Vocational Nursing Schools In California

Nursing is a highly sought-after career in the healthcare industry that provides immense growth, opportunities to diversify skills and high pay. It is an excellent entry-level healthcare job wherein individuals can learn essential skills to provide direct care to patients under the direction of doctors and registered nurses. Advanced training in nursing can also help secure a job in a pharmaceutical company. 

If you want to be a part of the country’s healthcare system, enrolling in the best vocational nursing school in California is the first step to making this dream come true.

Best Vocational Nursing Schools In California

While there are many vocational nursing schools in California, the best institutes offer top-level licensed vocational nursing programs below. These are accredited schools and colleges that offer a wide range of courses.

Healthcare Career College – Los Angeles, California

This is the best vocational nursing school in California for the LVN program. The Healthcare Career College provides expert guidance and hands-on training through labs and real-world simulations. Their extensive course is designed to prepare students for passing the National Council Licensure Examination-Practical Nurse (NCLEX-PN). 

As part of the program, their coursework includes training in physiology, anatomy, mental health, pharmacology, pediatric & maternity nursing, rehabilitation, and medical-surgical nursing. Students are also trained in supervision, leadership, and ethics.

Under their LVN program, they offer two types of courses – full-time (12 to 14 months) and part-time (18 to 20 months). They also offer student support through mentorship programs and study groups.

American Career College – Orange County, Los Angeles & Ontario

This college follows a simple vocational nursing curriculum divided into four modules. The curriculum starts with introductory courses and moves to advance patient care. They have an expert faculty that offers hands-on, real-world training, which can help prepare students for national licensing examinations. Their full-time LVN program can be completed in about 13 weeks, or you can choose their part-time program, which takes about 20 weeks.

Mira Costa College – Oceanside

The vocational nursing course offered by Mira Costa College is a good choice for those looking for a weeknight/weekend LVN program in California. To enroll in this program, you should be at least 17 and have a high school diploma. Other prerequisites for this program include completion of coursework in general biology, physiology, anatomy, and basic pharmacology.

The curriculum of this program includes gerontology, medical-surgical nursing, nutrition, oncological nursing, rehabilitation, and others. This LVN program is well-suited for certified nursing assistants who want to become licensed vocational nurses in California.

Copper Mountain College – Joshua Tree

As a community college, this institute offers a three-semester program in vocational nursing. The program starts in June and ends in May (the following year) and requires an individual to dedicate five weekdays to various courses. A few prerequisite coursework also needs to be completed besides the set curriculum. Upon completing the program, students can take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for Vocational Nursing.

Riverside City College – Riverside

This vocational nursing school offers an extensive LVN program in California. Applicants must be certified nurse assistants to be eligible for this program. Or they must complete prerequisite coursework in psychology, physiology, anatomy, and nursing and obtain a minimum GPA of 2.10.

Applicants can choose between certificate or associate degree programs depending on their eligibility. It is a 12-month program wherein applicants must complete 51 units to receive their vocational nursing certification. Applicants must complete 60 units for an associate degree, including general education and elective courses.

In Summary

Enrolling in California’s best vocational nursing school is crucial to becoming a licensed vocational nurse. These schools have expert faculty and trained professionals who can guide and support students as they learn different skills required to be modern-day vocational nurses.

On completion of the program, most of these vocational nursing schools also offer additional courses that can help prepare students for higher licensure exams. This can make it easier for individuals to become a registered nurse in California.