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How to Become a Dental Assistant in 5 Simple Steps

A dental assistants job can include billing and coding, setting up and cleaning instruments, and taking x-rays just to name a few. Dental assisting is a rewarding career that offers full-time employment opportunities and career advancement. Want to become a Dental Assistant? Keep reading to see how you can become a dental assistant in 5 simple steps. 

Step 1: Find a school that offers a Dental Assistant Program

Finding a Dental Assistant Program can be as easy as searching for a local business on an internet search engine such as; If you have friends or family that have attended similar healthcare occupations you can ask them if they know of a school near you. If you locate a school that peaks your interest, make the first move and schedule a time to tour the campus.

If you are inquiring into an online program, you can ask current students how they like the program so far. This will give you a great insight into what you would expect before starting school.Other ways you can get more information on a particular program is to visit their social media sites if available. 

Students tend to interact on these platforms as well as the faculty and staff. Depending on the state you live in, you may need to check your states requirements on accreditation. It’s best to choose a school that fits your schedule, offers the certification you desire, and any specific training you may be interested in. Healthcare Career College offers an 11-month accredited Dental Assistant Program in the Long Beach area. 

Step 2: Enroll and complete the Dental Assistant Program

By this point you’ve chosen the school you’d like to attend. Congratulations! This is a great opportunity to further your education and join the frontline of medical professionals. At this time you are enrolled into a Dental Assistant Program and you are on your way to your dream career. 

Learn as much as you can, since you will be joining the workforce as a Dental Assistant in the next coming months. You will be learning both in classroom or online lectures as well as the hands-on portion where you get to apply all the information you’ve learned from class on actual patients! 

Healthcare Career College’s Dental Assistant Program will teach you how to take x-rays, set up and pass instruments, prepare materials, and much more! Your job as a Dental Assistant is an essential one. You provide assistance to the Dentist during procedures as well as provide a sterile and safe environment for you and your patients. 

Step 3: Complete an externship

You’ve learned all the material, studied, practiced all your skills and now you’re ready to start your externship. The externship portion of a Dental Assistant program is where you get to work on actual patients! You are assisting the Dentist and Dental Assistants in a Dental office. This is required in order for you to complete the program. 

What an important time for you as an aspiring dental assistant. It’s vital you treat this time as a working interview. What does that mean? Your work ethic, teamwork, and willingness to learn will play a part in getting a job lined up even before you graduate. Many employers use this time to determine if they would like to extend an offer for employment.

It’s not uncommon for students who are currently in externship to land a job from the exceptional work they’ve shown. Showing up on time, asking questions, and having a positive attitude will help you really stand out amongst the crowd. Do your best and you’re on your way to starting your career as a Dental Assistant. 

Step 4: Graduate!

You’ve reached the finish line! This is what you’ve worked so hard for. You’ve finished the Dental Assistant program and now you are ready to start your career. The dental field offers opportunity, job security, and career advancements. 

From this point you are ready to join the medical workforce. Whether you have found a job as a Dental Assistant or you are actively looking, it’s important you obtain certification. Most employers require you to be certified, so keep that in mind prior to graduation. 

Step 5: Obtain employment as a Dental Assistant

You’ve taken all the necessary steps to get you to this point. You’re certified and ready to start working. If you haven’t found work yet here are some ways you can set yourself up for success. Sign up for job recruiting sites such as ziprecruiter, indeed, and google that offer a free service that notifies you when an employer is hiring. 

This way any employers that are hiring near you are listed, so you may apply to a number of places at a time. Many of these sites even have an option to easily apply where at a click of a button your resume and contact info is sent directly to the employer for review. Another way you can increase your odds of landing that dream career is to call or visit dental offices that are hiring and fill out an application. That way you can speak to the hiring manager and put a face to your application. 

Healthcare Career College offers job placement assistance where they can assist you in finding a job. They help you build a resume, search for jobs, and prepare you for your interview. This way when you have the opportunity to sit with a potential employer you are prepared for anything that’s thrown your way.

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