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LVN Programs: How to Choose a Good Nursing Program to Suit You

The highest-paid licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) earned more than $63,790 in May of 2021. Add this not-too-shabby wage to a love of helping others and being an LVN could be a highly rewarding job for you. However, before you can work as an LVN, you need to undergo an LVN program.

On top of that, to be a high earner, you need to find the right LVN program for you. Doing this will take a lot more than just typing “LVN programs near me” into your favorite search engine. Read on to learn some tips for a great LVN program search.

Consider Your Learning Style

Traditional schooling systems tend to have a one-size-fits-all approach to teaching. The problem is that people learn best in different ways. Experts have found that some people are better visual learners, others learn best through tactile sensations, etc.

Luckily, unlike the public school system, there is a wide variety of university programs available. Just figure out what type of learner you are. You can then search for an LVN program that fits your learning style.

For example, auditory learners might fare better in online LVN programs with prerecorded lectures. And tactile learners may benefit from LVN programs with lots of hands-on activities.

Consider Class Size

Think back to when you were in school. Did you ask a lot of questions and/or require extra help from your teachers? If so, you may need the same personalized attention from your LVN program professor.

To get this kind of attention, you need to find an LVN program that has a smaller class size. On top of this, you can form more meaningful professional connections with your peers in smaller classes. You can still get a great education in a larger-sized class, but a smaller-sized class can benefit you in unique ways.

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Consider How Busy You Are

Is your current personal and/or professional life rather hectic? If so, you may want to consider an LVN program that’s a bit more flexible. This type of class usually has several different factors.

For example, having to travel to physical class locations can take more time than you have. This is why many busy individuals prefer LVN online programs over in-person or hybrid programs.

Consider Program Length

Do you need to get out of your current working situation fast? If so, you may be better off choosing a shorter 9 month LVN program rather than one that takes years. Don’t worry, shorter programs can still boost your career possibilities.

Try One of Our LVN Programs

Taking an LVN program can be one of the best ways to boost your career. Still, some LVN programs are better than others for different individuals. This is why you need to search for your ideal LVN program with care.

While you’re searching for LVN programs, consider taking a look at ours. Our 14-month program can prepare you well for working in a wide variety of medical settings. Book an information session with us today by filling out the form on this page.