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Top 5 Skills Needed to Be Successful in Vocational Nurse School

It typically takes about a year or a little longer to train as a vocational nurse.

Being a vocational nurse can be incredibly rewarding — but it’s not easy. All healthcare jobs come with various challenges, and this is no exception. There are several skills that you’ll need if you want to be able to become a licensed vocational nurse.

Keep reading for a rundown of 5 of the top skills you’ll need to be successful in vocational nurse school.

1. Lifelong Learning

Medicine is an incredibly broad field, and even the most experienced professionals are still learning. You need to be able to learn new things constantly and develop your skills.

As you become a better nurse, you’ll be able to provide more effective care. All patients are different, so being able to adapt and understand individuals will help you succeed in various nursing jobs.

2. Communication

Communication is important in all kinds of jobs, but especially in medical careers. Poor communication can lead to various errors, and when it comes to healthcare, this can mean the difference between life and death for patients.

You’ll need to be able to communicate with colleagues so that handoffs go smoothly and you know what situations different patients are in. You should also be able to communicate well with patients. This will allow you to better tend to their needs so that they have a better experience.

3. Problem-Solving

Your LVN training will involve various challenges, and you’ll need to be able to find effective solutions. This will help prepare you for an environment that’s constantly changing and where every day is different.

No one patient is the same, so while there can be standard treatments for certain issues, you’ll still need to be able to make important decisions about many individuals.

If a patient reacts unexpectedly to their prescribed medication, for example, you’ll have to determine what the best alternative solution is. Depending on the position you end up in, other colleagues may also come to you to help them find answers to problems they’re facing.

4. Confidence

As a nurse, you’ll be responsible for people’s well-being. As such, you’re likely to feel a lot of pressure. Second-guessing your decisions can lead to various problems, so you need to be able to make choices that you’re confident with.

When making difficult decisions, second-guessing yourself can make things worse. Pay attention to what you learn throughout your training so that you can be more confident as you progress in your healthcare career.

5. Teamwork

Some careers are fine for people who want to work alone, but this isn’t one of them. Any patient that comes in is likely to interact with multiple healthcare professionals, so you all need to be able to work together to ensure they get effective treatment.

This will help you provide better care and minimize the risk of errors. Working effectively as a team will also help reduce burnout through mutual support, which is incredibly important in this type of profession.

Finding a Vocational Nurse School

Being a vocational nurse isn’t easy, but having the right skills will help prepare you for the role. When going through vocational nurse school, you can hone these skills so that you’ll be ready for any situation in the real world.

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