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Alumni Testimonial – Brunu’s Story

I am Brunu Boma. I just completed my Associate’s Degree in Healthcare Management from Healthcare Career College. I believe that to achieve one’s dreams in life a person needs determination and support to make them come true. Determination to reach the goals comes from within. The support will come from people who are willing to help you reach your dreams. I want to thank Healthcare Career College for the support I
was given the first day I came to their office to inquire about the different programs available for me to make my dreams come true. I am grateful to the wonderful staff for helping me complete my course and prepare me for the career path I have chosen. I was given the chance not only to develop my technical skills but also equip me with the Leadership and Management skills on how to interact with other people.

The people truly inspired me to be a better person and I am amazed how better prepared I am to face my chosen career path. Special thanks to Tricia, as the 1 st person I talked to about the different programs and courses I can choose. Thank you to Ms. Amita Garg, my instructor. She has taught me well and as she always says, “ to come to see her in your spare time”. Also thank you to Elizabeth Manag, the Director of Career Services for great job well done.

If anyone would be looking for a school to achieve dreams in the medical field, Healthcare Career College is the one!