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Dental Assistant Graduate Gives Back

Richey Aguirre was working as a sales associate in retail and an auto mechanic before realizing he wanted to become a Dental Assistant. He would do engine tune-ups, change tires, do oil changes, wheel balancing, replacing filters and fix brakes. He figured he didn’t want to work with cars and deal with customers anymore so he woke up one day and thought about working somewhere in the dental field. Ironically, he discovered Healthcare Career College at the right time as he was driving around. Richey did more research and became more interested in Dental Assisting, so he immediately signed up.

Dental Assistant students enjoy working hands-on in the classroom and lab. Students learn how to take dental x-rays and assist with procedures such as fillings, crowns and extractions. Dental Assistants are in demand and jobs are readily available. In fact, some students are able to get hired while they are completing their program. This way, students can gain experience even before starting their externships.

Graduating from the Dental Assistant program has opened doors for Richey Aguirre. In fact, he worked at four to six offices as a floater while he was still a student. This allowed him to learn several styles from different doctors. After he graduated, Richey was hired by Healthcare Career College as a teacher’s assistant in the dental lab. In class, Richey shares the best of what he has learned in the field with students at Healthcare Career College. Richey continues to work his way up in the dental industry by getting valuable work experience. Now, he plans to go back to school to become a Dental Hygienist and eventually become a Dentist.