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Healthcare Heroes Lunch

Image of Healthcare Career College's Healthcare Heroes event.
The Healthcare Heroes Lunch event was a great opportunity for students and employers to network and socialize together

On Thursday, March 24, 2022, Healthcare Career College and Paramount Chamber of Commerce hosted the Healthcare Heroes Lunch event on campus. Over twenty-eight employers were invited to participate in the event to promote their business and build an alliance with one another, as well as invite students for their recognition in participating in our COVID-19 Vaccination Event and Care Harbor on March 4-6, 2022.

Our Chief of Operations Officer, Michelle Grover, opened the event by welcoming our healthcare heroes, recognizing and acknowledging all their efforts for their hospitality and contribution to making our communities better and healthier. Michelle stated that our students shared testimonies because of their personal experience of the exceptional quality of medical services that were rendered by our employers and their staff members.

Our Campus President, Amita Garg, proceeded by announcing that remarkable things commence when collaborating with like-minded people with the same value, as our school is highly associated with the Paramount Chamber of Commerce, collaborating and building communities together. Healthcare Career College was founded in 1990 by Amita’s parents Mr. Ashok and Mrs. Indu Garg as Infotech Career College.

Amita continues the legacy of the college by developing the programs at Healthcare Career College to serve the needs of students yearning for education to fulfill their dreams of becoming healthcare heroes. The attending employers took a survey to collect what the current industry trends are, and to prepare our students to serve and grow our employer’s organizations.

After the brief introductions, our employers and students had the opportunity to introduce themselves, tell us where they work, and share what they do for their businesses.

Our attending employers were:

  • Blanca Duarte, Medical Assistant Supervisor, Liberacion De Leon MD
  • Dr. David Guerrero, MD Medical Director, MD Compton Family Medical Center
  • Kristin Guerrero, Office Manager, Compton Family Medical Center
  • Nancy Sand, MD Medical Director, Sand Institute
  • Bill Dela Cruz, CMB Supervisor, ACEF Enterprises
  • Ernest Sari, CMB Director/Owner, ACEF Enterprises
  • Yesenia Ortiz, CMB Dental Biller, Bellflower Dental SPA
  • Michelle Dela Cruz, Pharmacy Billing Manager, Santa Maria Pharmacy
  • Stephanie Serra, Pharmacy Biller Supervisor, Santa Maria Pharmacy
  • Yowanda Salter, Billing Supervisor, Precision Billing Solutions
  • Dr. Max Martinez, Dentist/Owner, Dr. Max Martinez Dental
  • Alejandra Saucedo, Dental Assistant Supervisor, Bellflower Dental SPA
  • Dr. Maria Lovell Sanchez, Dentist/Owner, Bellflower Dental SPA
  • Yesenia Otiz, Dental Office Manager, Bellflower Dental SPA
  • Ramona Poblete, RN LVN/DSD, North Walk Villa Convalescent
  • Laura Oviedo, LVN Supervisor, North Walk Villa Convalescent
  • April Nelson, Staff Developer, Angel Connection
  • Ruth Catigan, LVN Supervisor, North Walk Villa Convalescent
  • Emerita Goordich, RNP RN Supervisor, Loma Linda Hospital
  • Florian Cases, LVN Supervisor, Florian Cases VN/CNA registry
  • Grezyl Cases, LVN Staff Developer, Florian Cases VN/CNA registry
  • Michelle Dela Cruz, Pharmacy Manager, Santa Maria Pharmacy
  • Dr. Ellis Suh, CEO/Owner, Sureland Chiropractic
  • Steven Castro, Staff Supervisor, Alameda Industrial Clinic
  • Oscar Leus, PTA Physical Therapy Supervisor, Dr. Oscar Leus PT
  • Walter Cordero, Owner/Ultrasound Supervisor, Trinity Diagnostics
  • John Siregar, Owner/Ultrasound Supervisor, Trinity Diagnostics
  • Alvaro Cerda, Owner/Ultrasound Supervisor, Broadway Radiology

After the full introduction, a campus tour of our labs were held for our employers to explore. They first entered our ultrasound lab where Ms. Pamela showed our high-tech ultrasound simulation ScanTrainer, an educational tool that uses real patient scans and curriculum-based teaching to support the students, as well as showed the traditional ultrasound machines. She then explained what they do and mentioned all the different pathologies students work with within our ultrasound program.

After that, the employers proceeded to our medical assistant lab, where Ms. Diana demonstrated how to check vital signs from patients. She then allowed her students to work on each other so employers can witness what some of our students do in our medical assistant program. Following the tour just next door, our LVN instructor, Mr. Roy, was convincing our students and employers that our high-tech nurse training simulation manikins are valuable tools. The simulation manikins help our students by allowing them to practice during their training and clinical rotation. This allows our students to practice with high-fidelity realism, allowing our students to develop critical thinking, communication, and clinical skills without risk to real patients.

Following the campus tour, our students were granted certificates for all their efforts in volunteering for our COVID-19 Vaccination and Care Harbor. Volunteering for this opportunity gives our students the experience and leverage on what it is like to work in the field of healthcare, and this gives them a better chance of getting hired and proving to employers of their capability and their quality of work.

The first round of Certificates for Appreciation were given to volunteering students who gave their time and energy in the service of protecting public health through their covid-19 vaccination effort. The awardees went to:

  • Karen Flores
  • Joselyn Brambila
  • Vanessa Vasquez
  • Luz Valadez
  • Araceli Trumbo
  • Tannia Diaz
  • Jazmine Huesca
  • Moto Olga Leofoalii
  • Rachel Sanchez
  • Stephanie Flores
  • Samantha Flores
  • Denise Jimenez-Gonzalez
  • Johana Bartolo
  • Kindy Degracia
  • Dominique Matthews
  • Stefanie illiana Flores
  • Samantha Carinna Flores

We also honored and recognized our students who participated at the largest FREE health clinic in the world, Care Harbor in Los Angeles. The awardees went to:

  • Clorinda Feijoo
  • Tyniece Widby
  • Joselyn Brambila
  • Monserrat Cedillo
  • Vanessa Vasquez
  • Araceli Trumbo
  • Millisia Christophe
  • Karen Anaya
  • Jasmine Reyes
  • Justin Rios
  • Jazmine Huesca

After receiving their certificates of recognition, our Campus President, Amita, asked our students what their experience was like during their participation in our COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Event and Care Harbor:

‘At first, I was scared but I managed to help a lot of people. I went to the clinic for three days. The doctor left me in charge of the vaccine. She trusted me and said I can go with her when I am done with the program.’ –Denise, Patient Care Technician Program

‘It was exciting! It was my first time volunteering for anything like that. It was fun and I actually liked it! I like to communicate with people, and I like to interact.’ –Clorinda, Patient Care Technician Program

By the end of the awards presentation, lunch was served for everyone. Our Healthcare Heroes Event was truly a success! Every employer, Healthcare Career College staff and students had the chance to bond and interact with one another, while learning about the employers’ businesses and creating connections. With the rapidly evolving workforce, allied healthcare heroes are needed more than ever to support our healthcare organizations! To find out more and learn about Healthcare Career College, contact us today!

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