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How to Pursue a Career in Healthcare Management

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Learn more about how you can begin a Healthcare Management role

Ever wanted to be a part of the Healthcare Management team? Do you have previous experience in the medical field and would like to further your career? Healthcare Management is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who would like to work in a management position in the medical field. You don’t need to be working directly with patients to play an important role in the healthcare industry. Healthcare Managers are exactly that, they manage a healthcare facility such as; a clinic or hospital. Since the healthcare field is constantly changing, physicians struggle with staying up-to-date with laws and regulations that are always changing.

Additionally, technology has become the preferred method of exchanging medical information, advertising a business, and everyday correspondence. Technology in the healthcare field is always evolving, making it near impossible for medical staff to keep up with day-to-day operations that require additional training on new software. The Healthcare Management team are experts on the business side of healthcare and ensure a medical facility meets their goals. If you are interested in pursuing a career in Healthcare Management continue reading.

Gain Medical Experience

Healthcare Management involves different parts of healthcare from managing employees to patient care reform and company budgeting. There are so many integral parts to keeping a healthcare facility running smoothly and efficiently. It is highly encouraged that anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in Healthcare Management gain medical experience whether that is working as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Nurse, Biller and Coder, etc. Gaining medical experience will equip you with the knowledge and tools to work in Healthcare Management. Having a basic understanding of medical terminology, billing procedures, HIPAA laws, and Anatomy and Physiology is essential to ultimately managing a healthcare facility. If you are someone who has previous medical experience and would like to advance their medical career, then becoming a Healthcare Manager may be the perfect opportunity.

Earn a Degree in Healthcare Management

If you are interested in attending a Healthcare Management program, you can search the internet for local colleges that specialize in healthcare occupations that may offer a Healthcare Management program. More commonly, Healthcare Management programs range from two to four years in length. This can vary depending on the type of degree you are pursuing. There are Associate Degree trade schools that offer a Healthcare Management program or traditional colleges where you can major in Healthcare Administration.

If you are currently working in the medical field then a two-year Healthcare Management Associate Degree program may be a convenient option since you already have previous experience. If you just graduated high school or are currently attending college, then pursuing a four-year Healthcare Management major may be more beneficial in the long-run. How to choose between a Healthcare Management program or pursuing a higher degree through college credits will depend on your particular situation.

Land Your First Job in Healthcare Management

If you completed a Healthcare Management program, you may have completed an externship program where you applied everything you learned in class in real life work environments. An externship program is a great opportunity for students to experience how it will be once they enter the work field in Healthcare Management. Many times, students find employment directly through their externship site, but this is not always the case. If you earned a degree in Healthcare Management through traditional college credits, then you may want to apply for an internship which is similar to an externship program. Either way, newly graduated students should have a professional resume prepared and ready to send to potential employers.

If you were working in the medical field during school or previously before earning a degree in Healthcare Management, you can inquire with your latest employer about possible Healthcare Management positions available. You can ask your instructors for recommendations, call healthcare facilities you would like to work, or if you have friends or family that work at a healthcare facility for a referral. These are some ways new graduates can get their foot in the door to jump start their career in Healthcare Management. If you are struggling to find employment right after graduation, don’t be discouraged. Being persistent and having patience will help you stay motivated through this process. There are so many opportunities in Healthcare Management that eventually the right opportunity will come knocking.

Are You Interested in Working in Healthcare Management?

A career in Healthcare Management requires leadership, extensive knowledge of billing and medical operations, and familiarity with state laws and regulations. Since the introduction of technology in the healthcare industry, physicians have focused their efforts on patient care, while additional careers have been created to ensure a healthcare facility is successful. You don’t have to work as a nurse or doctor to be a vital member of the healthcare team. If you have previous experience in the medical field and would like to advance into a management position then working in Healthcare Management is a great opportunity.

This career is growing and in demand in all types of healthcare facilities. Without the Healthcare Management team, a healthcare facility could not give the appropriate patient care to underserved communities. You can pursue a career in Healthcare Management through a Healthcare Management program that only requires two years of training. If you would like to work in Healthcare Management then visit and speak with an admissions representative to get started today!

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