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What Is It Like Going to School Online?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our students here at Healthcare Career College had to quickly adopt a new daily routine. Every Monday to Thursday, our students would put on their scrubs, prepare their families, drop children off to school or caregivers, and attend classes here at the campus. However, once the stay at home order was announced, our students suddenly found themselves having to figure out a new routine and way of learning. While people around them stayed home from work or school, our students have continued to pursue their career goals while following the stay at home orders. Just like a regular school day, our students prepare themselves to take their classes online and participate in discussions and lectures in the comfort of their own home. At first, our students went through the usual challenges of learning new technology and a new way of learning. However, by supporting each other and regular encouragement, the students have adapted and adjusted to a new way of learning.

So what is it like taking online classes? Here’s a few quotes from our fellow students:

Student learning onlineI am a new term 1 student here at Healthcare Career College enrolled in the LVN program. Never did I imagine that I would be going to class in the comfort of my home. But we are all “Safer at Home.” It has been a big adjustment for me due to the fact that I am a mother before I am a student. Luckily, I have an amazing support system that watches my daughter during this time. We tell her “mama has to go to class.” I understand we are all going through this tough time but you have to  look at the bigger picture and that’s us going into the health world and making a difference. We soon will be back in the class just don’t give up! -Sade (Licensed Vocational Nurse Program)

Student learning onlineTransitioning from learning in class to online was a challenge but I am learning to adapt every day! So far I could say that this has been very convenient as it saves energy, money, and gas! Plus now I can finally check “Attending school while in bed” off the bucket list! Mr. Dwight and Mrs. Felix does an exceptional job during our online meetings and always implements a fun learning environment. It feels as if we’ve never left the in-class environment! -Leann (Licensed Vocational Nurse Program)

Student learning onlineEven though I miss going to class everyday and interacting with my fellow classmates, I do feel that it is a nice thing to be able to be home and do my classes online. It encourages my daughter to get her classwork done and it shows her that if I’m determined on doing my work and staying on track with my classes and school work, that you know she can do it too. I find that doing daily meditations helps out a lot with stress and anxiety with everything that is going on in the world today. -Stacy (Patient Care Technician Program)

Student learning onlineAs a mother who has just given birth to a new born, it has been quite convenient for me to be home and attend school via Zoom. My husband works from home as well but doesn’t have much time in between to lend a helping hand sometimes so being able to prepare my space area with school stuff on the left of me & baby stuff on the right has kept me to be very organized throughout the day. Making sure that my toddlers are well aware of my school time slots has made it fun because we get to spend time together getting snacks, activities, shows ready before I start school. It has been a schedule that works out well for me and my family. -Saitaua (Medical Biller and Coder Program)

We are very proud of our students continuing their education and their path to success. Adjusting can be challenging to our students from transitioning coming to class to doing online classes. But our students are focused on their future and ultimate goal, which is to have a rewarding career in the healthcare field.